The Nail Bar

Gel Nails are the latest innovation in the world of professional nail enhancements. They are odour free, hard wearing & beautiful to look at. Professionally applied gel nails, tailored to your preferred length & shape with a polish colour of your choice. 1-2 hours

Gel Colour for Nails £22 or £32 with tips
Gel Colour for Nails & Toes £37

Silk Nails - Full set £31
Hard wearing nails, leaving a natural and professional appearance. The silk nail is applied with resin allowing the natural nail bed to breathe without being suffocated.

Silk Nails - Infills (including a broken nail) £22
To keep your silk nails looking their best you will need to have them treated every 2-3 weeks, depending on your nail growth.

Individual Nail Repair £2 per nail
Replacing up to 5 broken nails.

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Please call us for advice if you're unsure which type of nail extensions are best for you.
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